Compass - Chart Correcting Software

Compass is an innovative piece of software designed and built by the team at dsnm to directly provide users with a multitude of new features, currently unavailable with any other chart correction and management software on the market.

All dsnm clients automatically receive access to compass as part of their annual subscription.

Compass includes a number of new features:

  • Multiplatform – Compatible with both Windows and IOS operating systems, and also touchscreen devices.
  • Cloud Based – Compass can be used on multiple devices whenever and wherever you want.
  • Multiple Users – Multiple user log-ins available allowing multiple crew to access the system simultaneously.
  • Paper and Digital Holdings – Paper and digital holdings show in one allowing for easy viewing and management.
  • Worldwide Transas TX-97 – Access to the worldwide Transas TX-97 map for enhanced planning.
  • NavArea Warnings – View and print active and historic NavArea warnings.
  • Windy Weather Subscription – Quick reference 72-hour weather forecast option with vessel route overlay using Windy Weather.
  • Passage Assistant – Quickly and easily create chart selections and view important navigational information based on a plotted or imported route.
  • Forum - Accessible to all registered users and allows sharing of valuable information securely and privately with other compass users.
  • Compass Track –AIS tracking source looks for locations every 5 mins, map centres on vessels current location.
  • Bookshelf - the Bookshelf section within compass houses a plethora of resources including Flag State Documents, User Guides, Supplements and NTMs
  • My Yacht - Access to all yacht certificates and official documents relating to the clients dsnm service.
  • International Paper Chart Corrections – Along with UKHO BA Charting, we are also able to provide NOAA and NGA chart corrections with more local Hydrographic chart corrections coming soon.