DSNM offer added value and more importantly save you time. DSNM clients are aligned with an experienced fleet manager who is responsible for understanding your needs and tailoring our services to your requirements. Our team of fleet managers are responsible for 20 clients ensuring we can manage your expectations at all times.

Our fleet managers are available out side of standard office hours, as we understand that the superyacht industry operates 24hrs a day and therefore we operate via phone and email.

Some of our Services are highlighted below:

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These are a very important part of what we do at DSNM as it allows us to maintain the highest level of customer care and service and a personal relationship with each vessel and ensures you are much more than just a number on a file in a cabinet. Each Fleet Manager has a maximum of 20 client's to ensure they are able to service each one to the highest level at all times.


Chart Corrections and Chart Outfit Management


DSNM are a "multi software" supplier (including Voyager & ChartCo) with different systems to suit the clients individual need. We are currently developing a new improved version of the Voyager Chart Correction software which is going to be taylor made for the White Yacht Market.

We handle all on-board chart corrections through our digital email system and chart management software - issuing them each and every week along with notice this system has been noted as compliant by the UKHO and has been audited by both internal and external auditors.

We offer a full correcting service including correcting charts before sending them back to the boat ,we only place a maximum of 8 per chart as recommended by CNITA:

it's not cost effective to add more and

if we limit the corrections to a maximum of 8, we can ensure you are using the most up to date edition of a chart at any time, preventing older edition charts with large amounts of hand applied corrections causing possibly dangerous confusion.


Publication Corrections


We handle all publication corrections both loose-leaf and pilot corrections – instead of sending out the full weeks notices and expecting you and your crew to look through the information and pick what you need – we pre sift all corrections sending only what you require saving money and time for the vessel. Carriage for this service is included in the DSNM annual service fee for the shipping of the loose-leaf and pilot corrections every 2 weeks so you are as up to date as possible at no extra cost.

Unlike any other supplier, when you require a new publication or a new edition of an existing publication it will be received on board fully up to date.

These corrections are also available to our clients electronically as a PDF file. We have found this new service to be particularly useful if you find yourself in an obscure area.


Unique Pilot Filing System


We have also implemented a new bespoke filing system for reporting pilot corrections - again this has recently been viewed and endorsed by external and internal auditors - it’s a simple and easy procedure to report corrections but replacing the old time consuming cut/copy/paste system. Your fleet manager will send onto you on a fortnightly basis your pre-sifted pilot corrections relevant to your current outfit.


Auto Advice of New Editions


DSNM manage all new edition charts and publications for clients ensuring the yacht is adhering to SOLAS chapter V requirements.

Your dedicated Fleet Manager will work closely with you to ensure your outfit is fully up to date and always compliant to current regulations. We also manage the correction system for you with use of our remote access software, this allows us to ensure the database on board is kept up to date and actually shows the data it should – obviously an out of date database is useless, so when it comes to new editions we advise you of what’s out and do not wait for you to tell us (again saving you time).


Initial Build Supply


DSNM has worked with clients over the years during the initial build process to help plan and execute their navigational requirements and ensuring the client has everything they require to be compliant. We have found that DSNM's involvement in the early stages of a build project has proven to be very beneficial to the client in the long run.

We can advise captains and crew of all the publications required to ensure compliance is met. We also have the knowledge and expertise to advise and recommend the appropriate systems and equipment needed on board. We have contacts with many other experts in the industry and can negotiate better prices on your behalf.


Digital Subscriptions


DSNM manage all digital subscriptions on behalf of the client. This includes Transas, ADP, Regs4Yachts and all S57 official ECDIS including ARCS and Vector updates. This consolidates all updates and ensures they are externally managed by a DSNM fleet manager.

The shipment of discs is included in the DSNM service fee and before these are sent your designated fleet manager will ensure you are only sent the discs that are actually required and not old out of date versions.

In the DSNM Client Login Area we have provided full instructions on how you can load licenses, update the system and some general trouble shooting information.


Remote Management


We are proud to be the only navigational consultancy offering this unique service to our fleet. This enables us to log in to your system (100% secure of course - and not without your prior permission and entry of a pin code) this allows us to monitor the systems - help provide training to new crew - load new software - unlock new charts & light areas etc - but most importantly it allows us to perform monthly audits to check the system is operating correctly and showing all of the items it should be (again saving you the time and effort of maintaining it yourselves) - from the initial load of the software to its ongoing maintenance this tool allows us to perform it all for you.



DSNM offer a full range of paper and electronic charts to clients ensuring compliance. We ensure that all charts dispatched are corrected and up-to-date. DSNM can also supply all bridge requirements from 2B pencils to a sextant.



Included in the annual service fee is the facility for us to store all your inactive chart folios and publications until needed in fully insured premises. This not only saves space on board but then allows us to correct them right up to date before sending them back. Perfect for crossing folios which may be out of use for months at a time.


Electronic Chart Training and Supporting Courses


Working with our 'partners' ECDIS Ltd we provide Electronic Chart Training and other supporting courses. It is widely acknowledged that ECDIS Ltd are delivering the best ECDIS course on the market and we have a number of testimonials to support this claim. We can provide (via ECDIS Ltd) the full range of ECDIS courses, from one day introductions through to bespoke courses for Marine Inspectors and Port Authorities who require "pocket cribs" for use when quality controlling ECDIS onboard ship. Our most popular course is our flag state-approved 5 day ECDIS course.


Regs4Yachts Digital Maritime Regulations


Regs4yachts Digital Maritime Regulations (DMR) combines flag state regulations with IMO, ILO and EU legislation. It is a service that many Superyacht customers feel is irreplaceable and saves them time and money.

The system is constantly updated by a team of expert maritime professionals, so you can rest assured that the documentation is reliably sourced and accurate. DMR also eliminates the problem of uncontrolled documentation – a perfect solution for a single Superyacht.

When logged in to DMR it is simple to find the legislation that you are looking for as all documentation is keyword searchable and interlinked. There is no need to search through multiple websites looking for updated information – it is all done for you so you can focus on operational work. Available in three great products, Regs4yachts provides you with access to flag state documentation from Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Marshall Islands and Malta.



Exclusive to DSNM. NaviTab from Nautisk is a unique new concept that replaces a vessel’s onboard Navigational Publication library. NaviTab takes hundreds of vital books and uploads them onto a hi-spec handheld device, suitable for use onshore and the bridge.

Save space, stay compliant
SOLAS Regulations state that all vessels sailing global routes must carry a full portfolio of navigational publications to sail compliantly. Carrying this amount of hardback books on the bridge where space is already at a premium can be challenging and in addition, every publication needs to be manually updated for the latest corrections, an exercise which can be time consuming and one which potentially offers a chance of human error.

Fast, efficient, personalised
Customers using NaviTab’s optimised, super-fast search engine can automatically locate the latest available publications in their holdings and license latest editions as and when they are available, meaning that whatever route a vessel is sailing and wherever it is in the world, it will always be compliant and its publication holdings up to date. Users can search in seconds to find the relevant publication for a particular voyage, bookmark essential notes and even add their own. Information and notes can be easily cross referenced and essential data highlighted using the hand written text recognition feature.

Orange is the new green
Chart distributors ship hundreds of tons of paper publications to Fleets all over the world every year. Due to their urgent nature, most of these shipments are airfreighted. Switching to NaviTab’s complete digital library allows a greener form of shipping, with less strain on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint.

NaviTab is an all-in-one solution that once purchased, does not require any complex user training, license costs