Chart Correcting Software

Despite the recent launch of the new Voyager chart correcting program, DSNM is a multi platform software provider and can work with all clients to provide the system of their choice.


We are thrilled to launch our new Voyager software, which unlike previous versions will do much more than just your chart correcting!

This software is an invaluable tool for all yachts and has many new features. These include:

  • Chart corrections - the NTM, tracing, colour block, cautionary note can easily be accessed via the software with many new filter options available
  • Voyager will now manage all ADP / ECDIS / AVCS updates
  • A fantastic addition to the software is the free of charge passage planning option, this allows you to print a fully compliant passage appraisal which incorporates both onboard active charts/publications as well as those which are required but not owned.
  • Routes can be exported to and imported from your ECDIS (including Transas)
  • ADP overlay option
  • Now includes a port to port subscription free of charge
  • Weather overlays and route optimisation on passage plans
  • Passive / asleep folios which are in storage with DSNM, or inactive onboard, can now be added to Voyager. You will not be inundated with corrections whilst they are inactive, but you will have the ability to view your entire portfolio

ChartCo - Chart Manager

ChartManager from ChartCo, is the module of PassageManager that enables the management of paper and electronic chart outfits as well as informing the user of all necessary corrections. At the heart of the module lies a comprehensive geo catalogue that is updated on a weekly basis. Using these catalogues, ships outfits can be easily created or modified.The ChartManager service provides simple, effective, updates and management of paper and electronic charts from several hydrographic offices, giving vessels the ability to modify their outfits as necessary.

The images below show the passage planning tool in Voyager. The passage plans produced on the software can be exported.