About DSNM

The super yacht industry is defined by attention to detail and impeccable service and at DSNM we set the standard for others to follow.

Founded in 2000 with the aim of providing the world's best bespoke navigational management service to Superyachts, prioritising safety at sea and focussing on service quality and customer experience. We constantly work to adapt to the ever-changing industry to provide all clients with a reliable, trustworthy one-stop service. Our ethos is to be proactive rather than reactive and constantly improve our service and offering to our clients. Developing relationships and identifying client needs has enabled us to become the preferred service provider in the navigational field within the superyacht Industry.

With over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the industry, our team are the centre of our success. Dedicated to providing an excellent service alongside being committed to developing client relations and identifying individual needs, our team understand confidentiality is key thus providing professional support to meet every client requirement and expectation, to find out more about each member of the dsnm family please click the links below.