Navigation Equipment

We are fully equipped to outfit all superyachts with a full range of navigation equipment, whether new builds or active vessels.


The software hub, Compass, is constantly being developed to encompass a range of useful digital navigation tools into one suite. Users have access to digital chart corrections (as well as printable corrections for paper charts), passage planning facilities, as well as digital publications to comply with regulations, and more.

dsnm manages all digital subscriptions on behalf of the client, including Transas, ADP, Regs4Yachts, as well as S57 official ECDIS, including ARCS and Vector updates. Compass users can view their licences within the ‘My Yacht’ tab.

Photo of a computers with pc compass software.

Paper Charts

dsnm is an official UKHO print-on-demand (POD) distributor, allowing instant paper chart printing when required. We have the latest printing technology, which is checked daily and serviced regularly to ensure charts meet the required results.

Our in-house chart correcting service is carried out by our experienced correctors, who are fully trained to UKHO standards. Send your charts to us for our team to update or contact us to correct inactive chart folios kept within our storage facility.

photo of a map.

Digital Charts

In addition to the Paper Charts dsnm supply, we also provide a range of digital charting solutions for official and unofficial use.

We provide a choice of charting solutions including NAVTOR’s Pay As You Sail, as well as their pre-licenced ENC’s option.

Photo of the digital charts on a monitor.


Our Logistics Department stocks and supplies both mandatory and optional physical publications. If it’s relevant to the industry, we will get it.

Stock can include compulsory Admiralty publications as well as discretionary material that can be useful to itinerary planning, such as Cruising Guides.

Blue admiralty books on a bookshelf


Also available is an extensive range of hand-crafted flags made of quality materials to exceptionally high standards. The range includes ensigns, national flags and signal flags in various sizes to suit your requirements.

photo of a flag on a yacht.