Weather coverage within your Compass subscription is provided by Windy – The number 1 ranked meteorology app among weather sites. It is widely considered one of the most accurate forecasting programs in its field.

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Windy is fast, intuitive and highly detailed, offering a host of different weather models, including swells, rain & thunder forecasting, air quality and, of course, wind, to name a few. It provides quick-reference, accurate predictions for a 72hr period and is updated four times daily.

Windy provides colour identification for wind speeds, making it easy to use and identify potential trouble areas. Vessel route overlay can be produced in the Passage Planning section of Compass with live forecasting to meet up with your yacht’s projected speed. This allows you to plan your route with added safety precautions to navigate and avoid potentially bad weather.

Compass subscribers receive full access to the Windy app, which can be found on your dashboard.

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