Yacht navigation software on laptop
Yacht navigation software on a desktop computer
Yacht navigation software on laptop
Yacht navigation software on laptop
Yacht navigation software on a tablet


Our unique and innovative software, Compass, is your superyacht navigation hub. It has been designed and built by dsnm to encompass a multitude of features for total navigational ease. Our team is constantly developing the software to ensure it is always at the forefront of industry standards.

Compass is a cloud-based programme accessible by multiple users across various platforms and devices. It runs efficiently on iOS or Windows and can be used on laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Clients have access to a range of services to support regulations & compliance and, most importantly, navigation of the seas. Through Compass, you also have access to a personal Yacht Manager and a technical support team for assistance on all digital matters on board.

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Within Compass, users can access worldwide chart coverage of official ENC Online by Navtor and non-official electronic chart data from i4 Insight (formerly C-Map Professional Plus). This selection of digital charting provides comprehensive bathymetry data, for a reliable information source wherever you are in the world.

ENC Online by NAVTOR in Compass software on laptop screen


Compass includes a full subscription to a live weather application. This application contains a range of weather variables that can be overlayed onto the map and chart layers to show in-depth forecasting. Clicking certain areas, such as ports or route waypoints, Compass will provide users with an AI-generated forecast of the weather for that area.


In-depth passage planning can be carried out efficiently to provide crucial navigational information on an upcoming journey. Customisable passage reports can be made with the option to print or forward in digital form.

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Compass stores all the required information to ensure you remain compliant with access to your Regs4Yachts and any digital versions of mandatory publications. It also contains a log of all physical publications that are on board

Purchased digital publications can be accessed through Compass eBooks, the Compass dashboard or Bookshelf. Compass eBooks connects users directly to their licenced Witherby Connect account.

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Technical Support

We offer technical support on all our digital products and can assist with remote access to your system if we can’t fix the issue any other way. Our remote access is 100% secure, and we can only log in with your permission and a pin code.

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