Q. Is it more expensive to buy UKHO products from dsnm as they are UK based?
A. No

Q. Is it more complicated for a superyacht to get UKHO products from dsnm, due to customs?
A. No

Read on to find out why…

Two years ago (January 2021), the UK officially left the European Union. This came after a hastily delivered EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement that had an impact on a wide variety of industries in the UK and Europe.

Several of our clients voiced concerns over what it might mean for them purchasing goods from the UK to be shipped to Europe. With many yachts being based in, or travelling around European waters, we wanted to offer reassurance on how we can continue to provide the most competitive prices possible.

How are dsnm able to remain so competitive?

Our prices aren’t just competitive in comparison to the EU, but they are competitive worldwide.

Although we cannot say that prices have not increased (consumer prices rose 7% across the UK in 2022), our current supply chain model remains unchanged. With our continued business growth, our on-demand model continues to grow, providing us with great economies of scale. This puts us in an excellent position, allowing us to pass these discounts onto our clients, ensuring the most competitive prices.

We are also able to keep costs down with the ability to ship “duty paid”. This means dsnm are invoiced for the carriage/customs charges. We carry this to the client wrapped in the main carriage costs. Any complications with customs are dealt with by dsnm at the beginning of the shipping process, rather than at the end as is more likely with a European supplier.

Another advantage to using dsnm for your charting needs is our ability to ship a vast number of charts the day we receive the order, thanks to our high-speed printers.

We work closely with DHL and their agents when shipping products. Our team has regular contact with the agents to ensure all shipments meet the necessary regulations and requirements, even if the yachts move on to a new location, which we appreciate may happen due to changes in itinerary.

We continue to package your products in a sustainable and cost-effective way, without compromising on quality. Everything shipped from dsnm leaves our warehouse in the best possible condition, fully corrected and ready to use on the bridge.

Is it cost effective to buy from dsnm as opposed to a European-based supplier post-Brexit?

At dsnm, we try to mirror all RRP prices wherever possible and that includes digital licenses; there is no physical item to ship, therefore we don’t have to charge the import/export fees in the way that alternative suppliers must.

To comply with exacting UKHO requirements, all UKHO charts must be printed exclusively on watermarked UKHO paper. To enable any distributor based outside of the UK to meet these requirements, they must import watermarked paper rolls from the UK into Europe. This can result in the unit price of a UKHO chart being higher than dsnm’s pricing to allow for the customs & carriage charges.

The same can apply for items such as IMO, ITU, TSO, where products need to be imported from the UK, therefore unit prices can be raised to account for additional customs charges.

To further ensure a smooth transition when shipping physical items, we utilise the Internationally recognised Commodity Code System [HS codes] to accurately identify products to Customs, hopefully expediting the shipment through the clearance process.

At dsnm we offer updates to licensed ADP and AENP products, free of charge, when some suppliers in the maritime sector are charging up to €1000.

In an ever changing climate and economy, we’re always working to ensure we can provide the best possible prices on the market and offer our customers the most up to date information.

If you have any other questions about Brexit and dsnm, please contact us at [email protected]

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