Following on from our blog series earlier this year centering on influential women in the superyacht industry, this month’s focus is one of our own incredible female team members, Sarah Glover. Joining dsnm 8 years ago from Mercedes, Sarah wanted a change in direction in her career and to work in a role that incorporated her love of travel. Since becoming a fleet manager, she has built up great relationships with all her clients and travelled to multiple European destinations to meet crew from the superyachts she manages alongside running all the training for new and current staff at dsnm.

But, with her love and passion for the outdoors, she has also found time to share her hobby with thousands of like-minded people on social media and built-up a following of over 18,000 documenting her hikes and travels for her followers to enjoy.

A passionate pastime

“Our family has always been very ‘outdoorsy’, yearly holidays hiking in the Lake District was standard, on weekends if we weren’t out on our bikes, on a walk somewhere, snorkelling or jumping off cliffs into the sea then something was up”, said Sarah.

Sarah had a history teacher at school who led Duke of Edinburgh award program and he pushed her to try climbing and kayaking but in the teenage years she started to dig her heels in and stopped doing it. A few years later, and into her 20s/early 30s she took a step back from outdoor activities and focused more on travelling; backpacking Australia, exploring New Zealand, America and the Med but gradually though her early outdoor hobbies started creeping back in.

“The last couple of years I have really found my true love for it all again, following some unexpected life changes and Covid lockdowns whilst living alone it forced me to take a long hard look at the things that really bring me happiness and that make my life the most fun and content it can be”.

How being outdoors makes her feel

Sarah is massively into fitness although sometimes she questions her fitness ability when she’s sweating, red faced and puffing her way up a steep incline!

Being out on a hike or on the water she never listens to music, preferring to take in the sights, smells and sounds of her surroundings, feeling that is what it’s all about and its done absolute wonders for her mental health.

“Having experienced some tough moments myself I fully understand how the outdoors can help you see through the cloud. Although the majority of the time I do hike solo, through Instagram I have met several like-minded people and having the option to hike with a friend is very welcome, they often end up being some of my funniest days out…it’s no secret I’m a little clumsy on a hike so when I go with friends there’s plenty of laughs at my expense.”

Sarah generally goes on trips solo, the ability to be able to make a last-minute decision to nip off somewhere with kayak/SUP, hiking boots and just adventure all weekend is one of her favourite feelings.


With 2020 being challenging for personal reasons as well as Covid, Sarah really focused on the things that made her happy. Taking long local walks during the first lockdown she navigated and explored her district and neighbourhoods.

Sarah wanted, but was unable to afford, a camper van; with an avid dislike of putting tents up and down, she found the next best thing a car roof tent, which has been her weekend home ever since. Making the decision to just go, throw a few things in the car and then in 40 seconds be able to pop up her home for the night has been a revelation since she bought it in August 2020.

After being in the office all week, Sarah craves the freedom that she gets from her adventures, and as she says, “jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul”.

Safety is paramount

Having grown up in a family of outdoor lovers she is committed to ensuring that she has the right equipment, as the saying goes ‘there is no bad weather, only bad equipment’.

As she often travels alone, she has a good routine to ensure her safety. As wild camping is not allowed in Britain (it is in Scotland) Sarah always stays at dedicated camp sites, she plans her route ahead and shares her plans with friends and family. Sarah has a tracker and a Garmin watch which can send alerts and coordinates in times of trouble. Sarah also, although she does have a very active Instagram page @rooftent_tales, is careful to only post on social media after she has left the area.

Based near the south coast Sarah finds coastal walks really calming. Due to the Covid restrictions travel was so limited that she started to really look at what is right on our doorstep here in the UK. Last year Sarah completed several road trips, 16 days doing the NC500 around the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye and, much to her annoyance the weather forced her to pull the plug on 2 big planned hikes, Ben Nevis and An Teallach. Although frustrating it has given Sarah the perfect excuse to go back.

Her hike to Sgurr Na Stri on the Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful locations she has ever seen in this country. Another 11 day road trip round Snowdonia, taking it up a notch with grade 1 and 2 scrambles tackling Crib Goch (knife edge ridge) and Tryfan (one of the finest scrambling routes in Wales). As a challenge seeker each time she takes it up a notch and pushes herself to take the next step, rope work and climbing skills are now in play and learning how to handle the higher grade 2 and grade 3 scrambles.

Now travel restrictions have eased and normal life is beginning to resume she has started to venture further afield again, having just come back from the most amazing bucket list trip in Norway which involved hiking Norway’s tallest Mountain Galdhopiggen, popping on crampons and grabbing an ice axe and hiking the Nigardsbreen Glacier. Sarah also kayaked through the Norwegian fjords including Naeroyfjored which many of our yachts visit, a stunning UNESCO world heritage sites.

Hiking is Sarah’s main hobby but she also paddle boards and kayaks a lot. Any trips she puts together are worked around these 3 things, along with locations and sights she wants to see and experience. There are so many places Sarah still wants to explore including the Laugavegur Trail Iceland, Milford Track New Zealand, The Dolomites Italy, The Cuillin Ridge Isle of Skye.

So if you are an avid traveller or have visited some amazing destinations working on superyachts, please send your recommendations to us as Sarah is keen to find new challenges and to investigate new places.

Also, to follow Sarah on Instagram go to @rooftent_tales

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