LEGASEA is the superyacht industry’s collective Social Impact platform, committed to seeing our industry at its best, and to leaving it better than we found it. LEGASEA see a high performance, innovative and sustainable industry where passion, drive and competency are the factors that determine our future

LEGASEA Mentorship is the first industry-wide mentoring program for career-focussed yachting professionals connecting Mentees with Mentors and Peers shoreside and at sea. Utilising a high-impact, intuitive mentoring software, organic connections are cultivated via the comprehensive online platform. Individuals can be both a Mentor and Mentee, creating a circular knowledge economy ensuring every participant gains incredible value while engaging.

This year, the LEGASEA Mentorship program has been made possible thanks to the support of Quay Crew and Burgess. In addition to co-funding the initiative, each company will be providing scholarship seats to the up and coming talent within their fleet’s and networks.

dsnm Ltd are delighted to announce that both David Store (Chief Executive Officer) and Alicia Store (Chief Operating Officer) are both mentors to the new intake. Sharing many years of superyacht industry knowledge they are excited to be part of a movement to cultivate a robust talent pipeline, and to bridge the gap between sea and shore side sectors.

The most successful people in the world make a habit of seeking regular guidance and support from experts in their fields. They do so by seeking Mentors.

Based on the feed back from the 6 month pilot program, LEGASEA Mentoring is now hosted both on a desktop and IOS/ android app, meaning that opportunity, networking and support have never been more accessible. Ready to welcome the next round of mentors and mentee’s, participants can engage in the ways that add the most value to their current goals, areas of curiosity and next step in their career pathway.

Although they currently have a full quota of mentors, more information can be found here about how to apply for the next intake. They are currently taking on mentees, who are looking to strengthen their skillset, examine new perspectives and engage in personal and professional growth. More information on how to apply is here.

dsnm were so lucky to speak to Jenny Matthews, founder of LEGASEA. In 2018 after 8 years in the industry, Jenny qualified as an Office of the Watch. Realising she had never once worked with another female in the deck department she asked herself a simple question, ‘who else is out there’? What originally started as a conversation about gender (and the platform She of the Sea) has now developed into a conversation about diversity, inclusion, innovation, sustainability and growth. With a focus to embrace and cultivate talent, passion and dedication regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or orientation.

Combining the resources and network of great talent shore side with the wealth of knowledge of people working at sea, the mentoring program was developed.

LEGASEA mentoring is just one of many campaigns that they are involved with. Follow their social pages, and ours, to find out more.

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