At dsnm we are keen supporters of Superyacht Charities. The charity started in 2012, set up by a group of 5 friends that worked in different sectors within the superyacht industry. Due to success and growth, they have now formalised their fundraising efforts to create the Superyacht Charities Foundation.

Trustees started the foundation to help those in need, plus improve the impression outsiders have of our fantastic industry. The original 5 trustees are now 7, all are volunteers who work across the full calendar of events they hold throughout the year.

The 7 trustees are: Derek Munro – Founder and Chairperson, Vanessa Hodgson – founding Trustee (not a current trustee), Ken Hickling – founding Trustee, Kerry Pettit – founding Trustee, David Goldie – founding Trustee (now Ambassador), Glen Taylor – Trustee & Treasurer, Ed Taylor – Trustee and Liam Dobbin, Trustee.

Working closely with the trustees to manage and bring together all of their events as well as raise awareness of their charities are their ambassadors and supporters. If you are interested to find out how you can be involved, contact them on [email protected]

100% of donations make their way to the chosen charities, funding a wide range of good causes. By mid 2022, the Superyacht Charities Foundation had raised over £550,000 from within the superyacht sector of the marine industry. In addition to the charities that they nominate as beneficiaries, they maintain an ‘Action Fund’ from which they make smaller ad-hoc payments to other charities and good causes throughout the year. This fund also exists to provide help to those who need it within our industry, with a specific focus on yacht crew. For a list of some of the charities and good causes they have supported over the years follow this link here.

dsnm spoke to Derek Munro to find out what drove him and his founding associates to set up the foundation. He said,

“I founded Superyacht Charities as I wanted to utilise our industry to help the many others that need assistance. I felt that by having an official superyacht body that could do this would also improve the perception people had of our industry as a whole. Over the last 5 years we have raised and donated approximately £550,000 to various charities and hurricane relief, globally. Hearing stories from families helped by Sail4Cancer, armed forces personnel helped by Turn to Starboard and St Tropez Lifeboat Association (who were involved in 725 rescues last year, after we helped ship their new vessel plus fund operations for their first summer) are all very rewarding and emotional.”

He also added, “This feedback helps justify the many hours the Trustee’s and volunteers put in to make all our events happen. The support and efforts put in by the Trustees are what makes Superyacht Charities Foundation such a success. But without our amazing supporters none of our events would be successful”.

We also spoke to Glen Taylor, who talked to us about his journey with Superyacht Charities;

“I have been involved in SYC for c.5 years now, initially being invited as an Ambassador to support the reach of SYC within the yachting community, before being honoured with the opportunity to become one of the trustees in 2019. Since becoming one of the trustees I have also taken on the role of Treasurer, ensuring we adhere to our charter and charitable commitments. Whilst fitting the charitable commitments around running a growing business is certainly a challenge at times, the rewards are certainly worth it, evidenced by the numerous successful events we have held over the last 5 years. I love the fact we make a difference to those that REALLY need it – we don’t support big organisations that have staff on payrolls, we have the opportunity to support specific projects/initiatives whereby our financial support can really become an enabler. Another important element in what we do is to have fun in the process – a good example of this was during the COVID lockdown when I organised the 7 C’s challenge, a chance for a team of SYC trustees/ambassadors and friends to ‘Run, Row and Ride’ the distance from our cancelled event in Southampton to the cancelled event in Palma. The teamwork, camaraderie and persistence the team displayed was a tribute to the passion we have to ‘make a difference’ – and was duly rewarded with a fundraising total of approx. £20k.”

If you are avid followers of dsnm’s social posts, you will have noticed that we were delighted to attend the Superyacht Charities Ball in April. There will be a quite a lot of directors and staff attending the next Superyacht Charities Foundation event in the calendar, and if you are free, you should come along too, we would love to see you.

Superyacht Charities presents the second annual M3 event, sponsored by Riela Yachts. Join them (and us) on the 17th July for a family day out with motors, music and munchies. The day starts with a Poker Run style checkpoint rally where drivers and their navigators will find their way through four checkpoints in the New Forest, picking up a playing card at each one which they combine with a final card at the finish to form their poker hand and see who wins.

Competitors will be able to stop and chat with each other at the checkpoints and even have time for a picnic or lunch at one of the many hostelries in the area before returning to park up their cars for judging in the ‘Best Looking Car’ competition.

In the afternoon there will be live music with food stands offering afternoon teas and street food, alongside a gin bar and a ‘summer bubbles & beer bar’. They have a venue limit of 50 cars and 150 participants so book straight away to avoid disappointment and help raise some money for charity. Tickets are available here.

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