As a superyacht purser, I am all too aware that those of us whose job it is to look after finance and accounts often get a poor press, with others accusing us of being too earnest or even a bit dull.

It is unfair to us all but it is also true that the kind of attention to detail, laborious tasks and often stressful workloads demanded by our roles can sometimes overshadow things. However, with the help of a new finance and accounting system called Voly, I think we could discover how the ‘joie de vivre’ of a life on the ocean waves can triumph over receipts and spreadsheets.

I first heard about Voly from DSNM who are always good at sharing industry news and tips and, together with several other DSNM clients, we have followed up on their recommendation to take up a trial through Voly and see how it performs in practice.

Designed by professionals in the superyacht industry, Voly has been built with first-hand practical knowledge meaning it is specifically tailored for the superyacht environment. Not only did its initial design meet the unique demands of superyacht management, it has also been tried, tested and is constantly being developed which has fine-tuned many of its features and benefits.

In practice, we found Voly simple for the whole crew to use, regardless of their technical expertise and lots of features help transform accountancy tasks. For example,

  • We no longer have to keep a pile of paper receipts as Voly lets crew submit photos of receipts for daily expenditure and the app makes the system accessible wherever you may be and whatever the time.
  • Secure remote access for owners, management companies and so on means we no longer email spreadsheets and updates to multiple contacts – they can view what they need as they want.
  • Voly’s capability for multi-currency reconciliation has eliminated searches for exchange rates to calculate costings or the need to keep separate spreadsheets for every currency.
  • Taking advantage of an integrated prepaid card linking automatically into the system can save even more manual inputting for card transactions.

Our overall experience of Voly showed us it is a system that not only appeals to the crew who have to work with it on a daily basis but also to owners who seek even greater time and cost efficiencies in the face of longer seasons, more crew and less downtime.

Our feelings about the new system appear to be in line with those of other DSNM superyacht clients. Apparently 95% of the those who have taken the Voly trial have already signed up for the system.

If you would like to discover how Voly could help streamline your superyacht accounting and aid your crew, you can find out more and request a trial at:

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