As the focus of everything we offer here at DSNM is all about quality solutions that make Superyachting life easier and more efficient, we are quick to notice complementary products and services that share the same aims.

One such innovation is Pinpoint Works, a desktop and mobile application designed to streamline and simplify the task of managing onboard works or build projects which often involve multiple contractors.

Brought to our attention by a client, we wanted to share the potential benefits of this solution and thought what better way to let everyone else know than to share our client’s thoughts?…….

“Throughout my time on Superyachts, one of the keys to keeping everything ship-shape has been identifying any snags or issues on board and keeping a worklist to make sure they can be rectified swiftly when in port for maintenance. However, dealing with this on a large, multi-deck vessel requires numerous often inadequate spreadsheets to track details of each problem, such as location, status, which contractor is responsible for it, and who has said what to whom. This can quickly get out of control, jobs start to slip through the cracks, time gets wasted, and money goes down the drain—all of this can make me want to jump ship!

This is where Pinpoint Works comes into its own. Developed by a Superyacht captain and long-time crew member who dealt with the same problems, Pinpoint pulls together all the information and communications of traditional worklists into one cloud-based space in real-time. It uses web and mobile apps with the yacht’s GA to create a worklist which can include a ton of information like descriptions, exact location, due dates, diagrams or other documents, and even photos— great when dealing with multiple parties because, as we all know, the devil is in the details!

Searching and filtering works is quick and breezy and we can even print out reports for meetings or inspections with the built-in PDF export function. With different levels of access, other crew members and contractors can contribute too, ensuring you’re all on the same page. And even if you’re experiencing that mid-voyage lack of internet, as many of us do, details can be entered ‘offline’ with the mobile app and will sync automatically when you’re close enough to civilization to get a wifi connection. This way, works are still logged and won’t be forgotten.

So, gone are my days of trying to make lengthy spreadsheets fit on A4 printer paper and scribbling extra notes all over them or sending them to multiple parties and working from a dozen different copies of the same worklist. Pinpoint makes managing onboard projects much simpler and more efficient. And anything that makes my job easier is a no-brainer.

While we use Pinpoint Works for general day-to-day and ongoing maintenance, I can see how it being useful at any life-stage of a yacht—new build records, warranty snagging, refit prep, even paint surveys. I only wish I’d started using it sooner!”

If you would like to discover more about Pinpoint Works, visit the website:

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