With Superyacht bridges often being designed for the aesthetics and not always the practical reality, it can mean that workable space and storage is not always prioritised as the navigating crew would want. This can mean that essential logbooks, charts and publications have to be on display even when not in use, which often is at odds with the stylish design and look of the bridge.

We have been working with LJ Yacht & Commercial Services for a number of years and the products they supply are totally bespoke, eye-catching and can alleviate the earlier mentioned problem of …….. and give the crew and owner the opportunity to stamp their individuality all over their on-board products.

We caught up with Liz Jackson, owner of LJ Yacht & Commercial Services to find out a little more about both her and the bespoke products they supply.

Have you also been involved in the yachting industry?

Brought up on a family farm in the UK on the Northumberland coast, my parents had a sailing boat in Spain/Turkey whilst I was growing up so I have always had the sea in my veins. I left university at 21 and by 22 was working onboard my first yacht in the med (43m Feadship). My yachting career involved roles from Sole Stew up to chief Stewardess working in countries from Papua New Guinea to Alaska and I have had the privilege of seeing some of the most spectacular countries around the world at a time when extensive worldwide traveling was not the norm in the industry.

When did you get first get involved in bespoke Superyacht products?

In 2010 I took over the day to day running of my former logbooks business and as of 2018 I decided to take the business in a different direction so hence LJ Yacht & Commercial Services was born, growing on the already well established client base and expanding into new markets which complemented the logbook arm of the business.

What range of products does LJ Yacht & Commercial Services provide?

  • Logbooks Generic & Custom
  • Ring binders
  • Airlaid Napkins & 3 Ply Napkins
  • Customised USB Flash Drives
  • Customised Yacht Gift Bags
  • Customised Yacht signs (Welcome Signs/Lockers/Active Controls Safety Case)
  • Crew ID Cards
  • Self Inking Stamps
  • Letter headed paper & Business Cards
  • Screw Bound Cases
  • Custom menu holders
  • Customised A5 Note books
  • What are your strangest product requests?
  • We have had many weird and wonderful product requests in the past but perhaps our most usual have been Airlaid napkins, Active Controls Safety Case and client gift bags. Once our clients begin working with us the conversation often leads to other requests and new products are added to our portfolio.

Which products are your best sellers?

Our most popular products remain logbooks, especially Engine Running Log, Engine Daily Log, Bridge Log, Night Order Log, Daily Log.

Finally, at LJ Yacht & Commercial Services we can provide virtually any bespoke product. Our range of products has grown organically through clients requests. For more information please contact [email protected]

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