The Superyacht industry is often like no other and our guest blogger this month is using her experience to provide an online resource for many others in the industry.

Carole Catsuris is the founder of The Stewardess Corner and here she talks about how the venture came to fruition and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Tell us a little bit about The Stewardess Corner? How did it evolve?

I had this project in the back of my mind for a couple of years. In my last job I was dealing with so much shopping for my bosses, taking care of their boat and also of 5 other residences, all whilst helping out their nannies with their purchases and dealing with staff & crew from different nationalities. This all made me realise how difficult it is for foreigners working overseas to make their purchases, while trying to focus on their daily work at the same time.

I have also been in contact with different suppliers of luxury brands who have mentioned to me several times that they don’t know who their clients are. I began thinking about creating a way to build a bridge/connection through a website between the customers and the brands or boutiques, but only focusing on interior decoration products used for villas, yachts, jets etc.

As a result I have created The Stewardess Corner which is an invaluable resource for travelling crew, providing links to brands and suppliers worldwide. Wherever you are in the world, you can visit the website and get information on interior brands and boutiques.

Who is The Stewardess Corner website aimed at?

The Stewardess Corner is dedicated to the world travellers working on yachts, villas and private jets and who are always aiming to deliver the best service and find the perfect items to provide the ultimate comfort. I have put together over 200 links to international boutiques & brands which will allow visitors to the website to do their own shopping online and choose their delivery address. The aim of the website is also to provide inspiration for interiors using my vast experience.

How did it all start?

I started my work life at 19 years old working in luxury retail stores and after a wonderful experience working for the Hermes Group in Monaco, I came to realise that something was still missing in my life. At the time and because I was too young, I did not know exactly what was missing, but now I am wiser and know I needed a little more adventure in my life. Franck, a yacht Captain and my husband now (we were dating at the time) showed me the direction to live a more complete life by combining work with travel, he got me addicted to both him and this lifestyle and we have been enjoying this life for the last 25 years.

What was your inspiration behind this project?

The creation of this project is my small contribution back to an industry that has given me so much. A wonderful lifestyle, a way to earn money while traveling but more importantly, it is also a huge adventure which is teaching me a lot about both myself and others.

What are your future plans for The Stewardess Corner?

I hope I will continue travelling for many years, because of “The Stewardess Corner” I can continue my activity anywhere and stay connected with my industry. I wish that this blog/ website will be a helpful tool and support for all of us working in the hospitality industry, especially for the new generation, the busy ones, and everyone who live/work in remote places. I want to offer them an indication of what is expected when working for high profile principals in terms of standard, style, quality and ideas.

I really hope to cruise in the near future in the Pacific, Northern Part of Europe, Alaska & South America, those are on my bucket list and it will be a fantastic way to feed “The Stewardess Corner” with new addresses from other countries and share more information with my industry.

For more information about the wonderful The Stewardess Corner visit

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