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It’s no secret that superyachts are designed, built and finished to the very highest of standards. The expectations are that every single piece of the boat is perfect, inside and out, from bow to flagpole and beyond. The flagpoles are another point of the boat where we come in, along with engineering experts, Tec Wire.

Who are Tec Wire?

Tec Wire are designers, engineers and manufacturers of (among other things) technically-advanced flagpoles made from carbon fibre and/or stainless steel.

A flag on a super yacht


These sleek and elegant flagpoles can be finished in laminated carbon fibre or teak veneer and are a fitting addition on many superyachts.

Using carbon fibre as the primary material allows the weight to be kept down without compromising on strength.

A person holding a carbon fibre flag pole

They have a unique flag tensioning system and are bespoke designed with options including manual or electrically operated, rotating poles.

The rotation system is designed to make hoisting of the flags easier for crew. This is operated by a tailor-made drive that is cleverly designed to be concealed and fitted into the limited onboard space. The rotating flagpoles are remote control operated to ensure that the finished look is of the highest quality with no visible buttons.

Close up of flag-pole base

Why we like Tec Wire

Like dsnm, Tec Wire take great pride in their work and understand that customer satisfaction is the priority. We share the traits of being dynamic, forward-thinking and ambitious, and going the extra mile for our clients.

Our products also go together nicely, with the hand-sewn flags that we supply, often flying proudly from many of their striking flagpoles, on some of the most iconic superyachts in the world.

Marshall Islands flag on high-tech superyacht flagpole


TecWire logo

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