… With Jag Kooner

As Jag reaches his one-year anniversary with dsnm, we wanted to find out a bit more about the man himself, and how he’s found his first year at the company.

Jag is a man who takes pride in his appearance and is exceptionally organised. He is always willing to get stuck in, often assisting his colleagues and helping in the busy Logistics department. So, how did he find himself in the Yacht Manager role, and how has he enjoyed his time at dsnm so far?

Jag next to stack of boxes for new build superyacht

Tell us a little about yourself first.

I have always taken an organised approach in life and look for a healthy work/life balance to ensure that there are always enjoyable moments to go with the hard work.

I have two young boys who keep me busy and active so there’s not much relaxing time, but I do get to enjoy some of the activities we do together. I spend a lot of time with family and friends, which is something that has always been important to me.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I try to live a healthy lifestyle, so I enjoy getting in the gym.

As a family, we try to do as much as we can together on the weekends and make sure we have regular holidays throughout the year. When I get a bit of time to myself, I enjoy watching interior design and property renovation programmes.

What was your role before this?

Before starting as a dsnm Yacht Manager, I was working within the Aerospace sector as an Account Manager supporting many Commercial and Military clients.  My main role was to ensure the smooth handling of each client’s repair to their aircraft parts.

dsnm Yacht Managers checking paper charts

What made you apply for the role of Yacht Manager?

After 9-years working in my last job, I was ready for a change and a new challenge. I was interested in working in a different field, so the world of yachting seemed like the industry to give me that new challenge.

The role itself is in some ways similar to my previous role supporting individual clients, so I knew I could use my previous experiences to provide a first-class service.

Do you have any history with yachting?

Prior to this role, I’d only ever set foot on one boat outside of the odd ferry trip to the Isle of Wight and Calais. The boat was a small Sunseeker that some friends and I hired for a leisurely day out around Poole and Sandbanks. Otherwise, I had no experience within the yachting sector, so taking this role was a new and exciting challenge.

A white yacht on the water

How have you found your first year? What have you learned so far?

It’s certainly been a challenging first year, although that’s something I expected, having come into this role without knowing much about yachting.  There is so much more to yacht management than I realised. I have learned so much, such as managing digital licences, and planning passages to assist clients. Working in the logistics department has given me the chance to understand what is required for new build superyachts, and I’ve been a part of the assembly process for several yachts in development.

My colleagues have all been so helpful in my progression, and I’ve been lucky enough to shadow and learn from them to build my own style of client management. I’m not sure where the last 12 months have gone, but I have learnt so much about the industry and feel very confident when supporting my clients.

What do you enjoy about being a Yacht Manager?

I enjoy being the main point of contact to my clients and supporting all their different requirements. The variety of captains and officers I work with is great and they all like to work in different ways. It certainly keeps me on my toes.

Is there anything about the role you don’t like?

So far so good; although there is a lot to learn about the industry and even after a year, I feel like I’m still learning. I wouldn’t say that’s something I dislike though.

Finally. In your year here, have you found a favourite yacht?

I really like the design and style of M/Y Elysian, which is a 66-metre superyacht from Lürssen.

In terms of yachts I manage, I think I’ve been very lucky to get the yachts I’ve got as everyone has been very friendly, so I couldn’t choose a favourite there.

Jag sitting at a table with wine bottles on the wall

Let us know if Jag is your Yacht Manager and he’s provided you with a great service.


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