For almost 10 years, Lizzie Goff has been one of our Fleet Managers so we thought it was time to take a closer look at just what fills her days and keeps her from twiddling those impeccably manicured fingers.

Clients on every one of the 56 yachts in Lizzie’s care will have felt the value of her support as she essentially provides the link between them and all DSNM products and services. But the role is about far more than just being an interface. Like all DSNM Fleet Managers, Lizzie is adept at forging relationships with clients that see her working almost as an extension of a yacht’s crew.

Whether there are emergency charts to be supplied; passage plans to be created; audits of onboard publications to perform; or shipping of new editions to organise, Lizzie has to be fast to react, accurate and calm under pressure.

In Lizzie’s own words… “the day starts with an essential cup of coffee, then headlong into emails that, due to the international aspect of our clients’ locations at any time, have come in late the night before or early in the morning. These dictate how the day progresses and with every client needing different things there is a massively wide variety in how the day can pass. Of course, we are also on call 24/7 for any client that finds themselves with a situation that needs urgent attention so, while rare, these events can certainly help shape the day!

“In addition to clients’ specific requests, we are constantly checking each yacht’s entire outfit of publications whether paper or digital. We make them aware of any new editions that are needed and ensure everything is compliant and that they have the correct licenses and discs onboard. Technical support is also available through Fleet Managers whenever needed. We can login remotely to assist or train clients on our Voyager chart correction software as well as assist with the running of eNP, ADP, Navtor and Transas systems.

“Building strong personal relationships with clients means communications are easy for all parties, with us tuning into individual needs quickly and fully appreciating any circumstances that have a bearing on current requirements. We also believe our bonds with clients make working life easier and enjoyable for both them and us. One crew member I speak with now even sends postcards from the yacht’s destinations around the world which is absolutely brilliant to see!”

Lizzie also says that the final important piece of the jigsaw are relationships within the DSNM team: “The fact is it isn’t just you; we all work in one massive family and know that each and every one of us will assist each other where we need. It’s not only a great feeling and support system for us as individuals, it also means our clients can be assured of continuity of service and support regardless of holidays or sickness.”

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