With over two decades of experience under his belt in navigation management, offering the highest level of customer service via dsnm Ltd, we chatted with David Store to find out more about his next venture.… Navigatx Ltd.

Navigatx offers superyacht bridge hardware installation and support.

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What inspired the founding of Navigatx?

DS: – Navigatx has been founded on the identical ethos as dsnm was 24 years ago, with the client being the sole focus. With many changes and advancements happening in digital technology over the last 5 years, I was increasingly being asked for recommendations for a company that could provide bridge hardware installation and support.

The clients who have used dsnm for years know we are true to our word, if we say we will deliver on a product or support service, we do, and that is something that large corporations can lose sight of.

With Navigatx, I wanted to bring that focused, reliable and trustworthy service to the hardware part of the bridge. A bespoke service which builds a relationship with each end user, getting to know exactly what they need and want, ultimately making sure the customer never feels like “just a number”.

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How did it start?

DS: – My business partner (and wife) Alicia and I brainstormed for months because we felt frustrated that captains and officers were unable to find a hardware service that matched the standard of service provided by DSNM. Despite our efforts, we couldn’t find anything that matched their needs perfectly.

We spent months working with one of the best engineers in the world, researching projects and products to know what and who we wanted to work with. This was never going to be a huge numbers game but instead, we wanted to offer the ultimate project management using only the best expertise available…. Quality over quantity.

And how is it going?

DS: – We are well into our second year of trading and already have over ten substantial projects under our belt. We have worked hard over the last 12 months to build relationships with suppliers that share our passion such as FarSounder, SEA AI, Voyager IP, Wärtsilä and WASSP.

These partnerships allow us to provide excellent technology bringing the best and highest quality digital input to the bridge. The more accurate data we can get to the bridge, the better informed the team is to make decisions when navigating.

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What does the future hold?

DS: – 2024 is already looking busy with installation projects being booked in until mid-summer. We are finding that what might start out looking like a straightforward ECDIS installation, often escalates into a bigger project including things like replacing the compass, radar, control panels, UPS power supply, navigation lights (currently working on a project converting all lights from traditional bulbs to LED), so not just digital charting hardware and we want to ensure we support the vessel every step of the way.

What can we expect from dsnm and Navigatx in the future?

DS: – We can now offer complete bridge support; both software and hardware-related. Already we are seeing the benefits for new and existing clients with the knowledge gained from both companies. With further developments to our Compass software in the pipeline for the coming year, and the highest-level project management for hardware installations now available, hopefully, we ensure the transition from paper to digital navigation is as smooth as possible for everyone.

Navigatx – What services does it offer?

  • Project Management
  • Equipment Supply
  • Data – (Starlink, Sat C)
  • Installation
  • Upgrades
  • Repair

About the Partners

SARA Navigation

We have a longstanding relationship with owner, Robin Childs, and this partnership brings his extensive experience and knowledge in project management, equipment supply & installation, and more.


FarSounder are developers of a patented 3D forward-looking sonar technology that reliably detects shallow areas and obstacles underwater.


Compliments the suite of products – while FarSounder provides us with data below the water, SEA AI gives us above-water data using the latest camera technology, combined with artificial intelligence. This combination reliably detects objects on the surface of the water, alerting the crew early to the situation with safety-relevant information.

Sea AI Sentry technology

Voyager IP

Voyager IP delivers onboard IT solutions and smart communications to the maritime industry, operating a network of multiple satellites and beams. Products include VSAT Connections, Inmarsat, Starlink and more.


A global leader in innovative marine technology, Wärtsilä are the provider of the hardware behind TRANSAS along with a range of other navigation and control systems.

WASSP technology


Owned by Furuno, WASSP Multibeam Sonar is downward facing and designed to be sent out on tenders for mapping anchorage and exploration areas, giving detailed feedback to the bridge.

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To learn more about Navigatx or to enquire about installation or support of bridge hardware, get in touch: –


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