As a new build captain, the moment sea-trial dates are confirmed, you know the end of build days are in sight. After managing any type of yacht build, this is a momentous and exciting time. But, like most large-scale projects, you are spinning multiple plates with various suppliers, contractors and managing the owner’s expectations.

To assist this stage in the new build process, we work closely with captains and navigating officers to ensure it is easy and stress-free from a navigation and bridge point of view.

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The New Build Process with dsnm

The process starts with the captain, officer or management company (of the new build) contacting us to discuss the yacht’s requirements at which point we will draw up a comprehensive “shopping” list based on over 25+ years of experience of what the vessel will need to carry to be compliant and safe, then optional extras that can be added to enhance ease of navigation.

We take into consideration the size of yacht, flag state, potential sailing locations and the desired setup, such as ECDIS or paper as the primary source of navigation. Following this, we compile a detailed list of all the mandatory and recommended products with a focus on quality.

Chief Officer Ross Du Toit has worked with dsnm on two previous new build projects. He says, “We begin negotiations roughly 8-months before the Yacht’s handover to define the scope of dsnm’s services. They went above and beyond our initial requirements”.

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New build Captain and long-term dsnm client, Chris Halligan says, “You might find that smaller yachts will choose to shop around on places like Amazon to kit out the bridge with the assumption that it will reduce costs.”

“dsnm are a one-stop shop. With a lot of experience to draw on, they can offer recommendations which will best suit the vessel needs without the need to push the hard sale.” Capt. Halligan adds.

Our yacht management team aim to supply high-quality products at competitive prices but with the priority always being that the vessel is equipped for safety and compliancy suitable for its intended use.

Once the outfit proposal has been assembled, we discuss it with the vessel’s point of contact to ensure they are happy with our recommended setup, and to find out if there are any other requirements. After extended periods away from sea, some new build captains or officers will take the opportunity to explore some of the various training courses we offer to assist with any skill-fade during longer build processes, and to ensure they or their crew are up-to-date and refreshed on all the necessary subjects prior to returning to sea.

In communicating regularly with the boat’s contact, we can guarantee that we provide exactly what they require, supplying specific equipment, right down to brand preference. Every piece of navigation equipment is taken into consideration including but not limited to, binoculars, flags, sextants and correcting equipment, or any other products the team needs to enhance the navigation and charting process aboard the yacht. All products provided are supplied in addition to our award-winning software, Compass – The Superyacht Navigation Hub.

As soon as the items needed are finalised, we work with various trusted suppliers worldwide to begin the order and supply process managing all deliveries, meaning the crew can avoid having to order items from multiple suppliers saving valuable time. Once the items arrive at our headquarters, they are checked, updated if necessary, carefully repackaged and shipped as one complete outfit on the vessel’s instruction. Our aim is for the crew to be able to open the boxes and utilise all ordered items immediately without the need to update anything.

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Why Choose dsnm?

Chief Officer Du Toit says, “dsnm are just a phone call away and are always ready to help. They consistently provide excellent service during the new build process and have done so previously on our sister ship.”

“We researched a number of companies who offer these services and we found that dsnm are the top-tier choice for navigation management in the industry, so it was a no-brainer to bring them in on the new build as well.”

Ultimately, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible, providing efficient, reliable, and flexible navigation services and products that help crew navigate safely and comfortably anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and support to all our clients, whether on voyage, in new build process, refit period, or maintenance of their yachts.

Capt. Halligan – “The communication is fantastic. It’s important to realise we regularly work in different time zones and where crew often work weekends/holidays, we need to remember that shoreside roles most often do not, having said that, for any urgent matters you would always get a response regardless of the time of day.”

Chief Officer Du Toit – “dsnm’s reliability and professionalism provide reassurance, knowing that they have your back at sea is one less worry to concern ourselves with.”

As navigation technology continues to advance and compliancy regulations evolve, our team stays up to date with all the latest developments in the industry to ensure we provide innovative and cutting-edge navigation solutions and guidance where necessary.

Our comprehensive approach, attention to detail, and customer service make us a reliable partner for any superyacht. Whether you require the latest navigation equipment, publications, or training, we have you covered.

For new build supply and other dsnm services, contact – [email protected]

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