A New e-Navigation Reality

NAVTOR are the leading digital navigation supplier to the worldwide maritime sector, being the world’s largest ENC distributor. They provide seamless, secure and integrated solutions for smarter e-Navigation and optimal vessel performance.

They offer a range of different products that are designed to give the user greater control of their navigation, with reliability, simplicity and efficiency being a leading goal.

NAVTOR’s mission is to make life easier for navigators, while enhancing safety, transparency and efficiency for shipowners, ship managers and operators.

NAVTOR Products

We provide several of their products including the various charting options that NAVTOR offer. They have a comprehensive database of trustworthy ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) through their platform, as well as over 15,800 official ENCs.


One of the more popular digital products available is the revolutionary PAYS (Pay As You Sail), which allows you to unlock charted cells as you sail through them, only paying for the ones you use, saving money. PAYS is available within the dsnm suite of services as well as their pre-licenced ENC’s options.


The award winning NavStation provides access to a wide range of digital navigational data that can be overlayed on top of the official ENC’s in a user-friendly interface. This simple and seamless integration provides all the information you need to plan and execute an optimal vessel voyage.


NavTracker is a user-friendly tool that offers the user access to the latest ENC’s that are added or removed as required. Navigators can manage their “Operational Area” easily, knowing exactly what charts are being utilised and updated on their ECDIS.


NavBox provides seamless and fully automatic data distribution to ensure that your vessel is always compliant and up to date. It offers automated updates of charts and publications with a focus on cyber security to protect your ECDIS and all navigational data within.


NavStick offers an alternative solution for those without a NavBox installed onboard. The data can be transferred from NavCloud to the NavSync software where it is then uploaded to the NavStick for use on the ECDIS.

What we like about NAVTOR

NAVTOR and dsnm have a mutual understanding of what both companies are trying to achieve. Both are constantly working to develop and improve our products, all the while, ensuring that we provide excellent customer service.

They are an innovative company, who are always looking for ways to improve charting coverage as well as efficiency and performance. They are leading the way in the development of S-100 data provision, which will present a wider spectrum of information that will contribute to the future of charting coverage.

We have enjoyed a close working relationship with NAVTOR for many years. Our partnership allows us to supply official digital charting solutions to our superyacht clients with full confidence that they are receiving a reliable and trustworthy service.

Our Compass suite is currently being developed so that users can access the NAVTOR platform, directly. This means that very soon, dsnm clients will only have to log in to Compass to access everything in one place.

CEO of dsnm, David Store says, “NAVTOR offer a reliable product. You install it and it just works, no questions asked! They are leading the way for the future of digital navigation, and we are pleased to continue to work alongside them.”

The NAVTOR Logo.


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